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Testimonials of Pet Owners and Vets

Telephone Interview

National Chiayi University Veterinary Hospital

The Pet Peritoneal Dialysis Device improves pet survival rates compared to traditional treatments for renal failure. The automated treatment saves time and effort so more rounds of dialysis can be carried out each day. The rapid removal of kidney toxins helps to alleviate the symptoms of uremia! The Pet Peritoneal Dialysis Device can also accurately calculate the amount of dialysate to be injected and removed, making it particularly suitable for small animals where precision is critical. Constant human monitoring is not needed thanks to the automated dialysis process. Making regular rounds to check on the operation of the device is all that is required. An alarm sounds if there is a blockage in the device or some other problem. It really saves a great amount of effort and I recommend it to other veterinary hospitals!

Pet Owner

Owner of Fei Fei at Manhattan Veterinary Clinic

Your company's device was very effective in treating our dog. BUN was over 500 but it is now under 100. I am very happy that I chose this treatment for my dog. It is now making a good recovery under the care of the clinic. Thank you.

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