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Benepet's mission is to continuously improve the quality and efficiency of Veterinary clinical treatment.

“Better outcomes mean healthier pets and happier pet owners.”

Veterinary Automated Peritoneal Dialysis Device

Veterinary Automated Peritoneal Dialysis Device

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Veterinary Automated Peritoneal Dialysis Device

“Benepet’s mission is to continuously improve the quality and efficiency of Veterinary clinical treatment.

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What is peritoneal dialysis?

Peritoneal dialysis is a therapeutic treatment that removes toxins from the bloodstream when a patient’s kidneys are not functioning normally. It is similar to hemodialysis, but employs a different method of achieving the same result. In peritoneal dialysis therapy, a dialysate solution is placed inside the patient’s abdominal cavity through a catheter, where it is allowed to dwell for a period of time during which toxins in the blood are gradually absorbed by the dialysate through the peritoneal membrane. The dialysate is then drained from the abdominal cavity and discarded. This process is typically repeated multiple times until the levels of toxins and fluids in the bloodstream have returned to healthy levels, and may continue on either a continual or intermittent basis until the patient has regained kidney function.

Compared to hemodialysis, peritoneal dialysis cleanses the blood in a more gradual and gentle manner; it tends to involve fewer complications and preserves remaining kidney function, making it a good choice for small animals experiencing kidney failure or injury.

The patented Benepet Veterinary Automated Peritoneal Dialysis machine (VAPD-1) was designed by a renowned veterinary nephrologist with the goal of significantly simplifying and automating peritoneal dialysis therapy, resulting in reduced complexity, lowered risks of complications, improved clinical outcomes, and reduced cost.

If your veterinarian has prescribed dialysis for your pet, please ask them to contact Benepet for information about how they can obtain the VAPD-1 for their hospital or clinic.

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