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Dialysis Tubing installation guide

How to use?

  1. Model:Veterinary Automated Peritoneal Device (VAPD).-1

  2. Contents:Syringe (50cc), tubing set, caps, waste bag.

  3. Three-way dialysis tubing design reduces risk of cross-contamination.

  4.  "Waterwheel" fluid flow sensor detects obstructions and regurgitation.

  5.   "Y" junction in dialysate tubing allows up to two dialysate supply bags to be connected simultaneously.

  6. EO Sterilization provides for up to two years of consumable shelf life.

  7. Barcode-activation of consumables helps prevent infection from the repeated or prolonged use of syringe and tubing.

  8. Note:  This product is intended for veterinary use only.  Peritoneal dialysis therapy should be performed under the supervision of a qualified veterinary physician.

Peritoneal dialysis catheter

  • Two dacron cuffs

  • Medical grade silicone (latex free)

  • Enclosed caps and clamps

  • Catheter inner trench is optimized to reduce obstruction

  • Length : 37 cm ; diameter : 0.6 cm

  • 15cm catheter can be trimmed according to patient's size and weight.

  • Precautions

    • Be used for only one treatment course, don’t repeat usage after disinfection or sterilization

    • This product should operate under doctor's indication. do not allowed to use in humans

    • Precautions:  

      • Syringe and tubing not intended for re-use.  

      • Used consumables should be treated as infectious waste and disposed in a sanitary manner.

①.Establish sanitary conditions (wear sterile gloves, etc...).  Place package on a flat surface and open carefully

②.Connect syringe to three-way tubing connector

Precautions !

1.  If the package is unsealed, or if the tubing or any of the connectors are soiled or damaged, do not use the tubing; discard it and use a new set.

2.  Do not use a set of tubing for more than one treatment course.  Do not disinfect if contaminated.  Instead, discard it and use a new set.


Note:  Once the barcode is scanned or entered, there is no exchange or refund.


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